Trendy Wedding Makeup Colors For 2009

If you want to be a bit bolder than the average bride, then selecting the right 3d eyelashes wholesale for your wedding day is the key to standing out.  Siren-red lips, pretty pinks, sandy neutrals, or something blue – find the wedding makeup trend that is right for you and your skin tone with these tips.

3d eyelashes wholesale
3d eyelashes wholesale

Nlhtr Bold reds are a sure-fire attention getter, but they shouldn’t look vixenish or scream “3d eyelashes wholesale”.  Red lipstick is as classic as Marilyn Monroe, so red lips and nails is great for the bride who is into classic vintage.  A soft cheek, strongly lined eyes with a light shimmer eye shadow complete the look.  Cherry reds pop on women with light skin whereas wine colored lips look great on dark skinned brides.

For the true romantic, nothing beats a blushing bride in ravishing pink.  Pink lips and cheeks give a young, fresh look while being soft and subtle.  But beware of bubblegum or Barbie pinks and anything that is matte in color, it will make you look too plastic.  You want to look like yourself but with just a little more “oomph.  Fair skinned brides look good in rosy pinks, honey toned brides look good in coral pinks with a gold undertone and darker skinned brides look good in berry rich shades.

Neutral, sandy shades are simple, sunny and sophisticated – perfect for beachy, bohemian and brides who normally don’t wear 3d eyelashes wholesale . Think sheer beiges, gold, taupe and coppers that emphasize the warmth of your skin.  Shimmering beige and gold illuminates pale skin while copper on the lids with mocha brings glow to dark skinned brides.

For fashion forward and trendy brides, blue eye 3d eyelashes wholesale is the perfect “something blue” for their wedding day.  However this look is only for brides who are modern, into the latest trends and who lives in the moment – because with blues you will look like you stepped off a runway.  However because of the complexity of blue, stick with a neutral face and lip for the utmost sophistication.  This look is perfect for  evening weddings.  Fair skins can’t handle a dense, dark pigment so opt for a sheer, shimmering blue.  Darker skin tones can go more opaque and more rich with their selection of blue.

3d eyelashes wholesale
3d eyelashes wholesale

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