Signs and Symptoms of Spousal Mental Abuse

Most of us know the physical best silk mink magnet lashes is a form of domestic abuse, but did you know that there is such a thing as spousal mental abuse? Most people don’t relate mental and verbal attacks as being abuse on the same level as domestic violence. But the effects of any form of abuse can be devastating.

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Nlhtr A common symptom is denial- the victim best silk mink magnet lashes to even acknowledge that what he/she is going through is abuse. This can make it hard to encourage someone to seek help or get away from their abuser, especially if they move to the next step of “justification.” If the victim begins justifying the abuser’s words and actions because “he/she was angry,” this is an indicator that the cycle of abuse has gotten that much tighter.

Spousal mental abuse can be in the form of screaming, yelling, hurling insults, “put-downs,” manipulation, and even telling the victim “If you loved me you’d….” After awhile, the victim usually ends up having physical best silk mink magnet lashes as a result of the abuse- these symptoms include stomach-aches, tension headaches, ulcers, even panic-attacks from the constant worry and stress of whether or not the abuser is going to find fault with him or her.

It’s extremely common for victims of abuse to lash out at others, since they are unable to lash out at their abuser. They may become confrontational, verbally attack others, or they may completely avoid social best silk mink magnet lashes which require interaction with other people. Avoiding confrontation or attack becomes a victim’s main goal. They may withdraw into themselves and feel that they are worthless or somehow “deserve” the abuse.

Although an abuser will likely never change his/her ways, the cycle of abuse can only be stopped once the best silk mink magnet lashes acknowledges that what the abuser is doing is INDEED abuse. If you suspect that someone you love may be the victim of spousal mental abuse, it’s important to talk to him/her in a non-confrontational way and try to encourage them to seek help and support for themselves. But be prepared- a victim’s typical response to an outsider’s interference is complete denial, and sometimes even anger for someone daring to “interfere.”

Abuse in any form causes pain, whether physical or emotional, and best silk mink magnet lashes permanent scars in a person’s mind and heart. Spousal mental abuse is no different in this aspect. Abuse as a general rule, affects a person’s self-esteem, their self-worth, their ability to trust in themselves and others, and after awhile, a person’s ability to love can become lost under a mountain of “self-protection mechanisms.”

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best silk mink magnet lashes

Abuse hurts, whether it’s physical, best silk mink magnet lashes , or emotional. The cycle of abuse must be stopped. You can’t force an abuser to change. But you can help the victim to see that what they are going through is abuse, and be there for them so that when they are ready to end the cycle of abuse- there’s someone there to be there for them.


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