Makeup Brushes – 4 Must Haves

No matter how fabulous your custom eyelash packaging is, or what technique you use, you really need good makeup brushes to pull it all together. The absolute KEY to great makeup application is really all in the brushes you use.

custom eyelash packaging
custom eyelash packaging

Nlhtr Applying eye custom eyelash packaging can be super easy once you know which makeup brush to use to create the stunning, sexy look you want.

Here are juicy little tidbits on four makeup brushes you must have to absolutely ROCK your makeup application!

Begin with a large shadow brush. A large shadow brush allows you to sweep, blend or base eye custom eyelash packaging over your entire eye from lash line to brow bone. This brush is perfect for basing translucent powder over the eye, for applying just one color, or to apply a base color before adding multiple colors. For a quick makeup application, apply one color over your lower lid or the entire eye lid, line your upper lash line with eyeliner, add mascara and you’re done… how simple is that?

If you want to take it a step further, use a shadow brush. A shadow brush allows you to gently pat, press or sweep shadow on to your lower eye custom eyelash packaging. It’s also perfect for blending a highlighter color over multiple colors or applying a shimmer or highlighter color just below the brow. This is another simple and easy to do step that you can do quickly.

Here’s where you can be artistic or as simple as you want with an angle shadow brush, which allows you to add a darker or contrasting color to the outer corners of your eyes to create depth and definition. Because it’s angled, it makes it super easy to create that “V” or “U” shape to the creases of your eyes, effortlessly.

Finally, use a shadow blender brush to blend it all together. In small circular moves, blend so that there are no demarcation lines or areas where you can actually see harsh custom eyelash packaging. A shadow blender brush is the KEY to making your makeup application look polished, blended and professional.

These four makeup brushes mentioned above are the most basic brushes you need for almost any eye makeup application. Investing in great makeup brushes is one of the best things you can do for your makeup regime along with practice. Be sure to get quality brushes and brush cleaner so that you’ll extend the life of your brushes.

One last thing to keep in mind…

custom eyelash packaging
custom eyelash packaging

custom eyelash packaging is about layering, so use the right makeup brushes to get the best effects so that you can create fabulous, beautifully blended and professional looking makeup applications – each and every time!

Natasha Caesar

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