Fitting Your Own TV Aerial

Fitting your own TV aerial is dependent on you having one major ability,Eyelashes Extension.

Eyelashes Extension
Eyelashes Extension

Nlhtr If you don’t, let a professional fit it for you, getting stuck on a roof is no laughing matter, even going up a ladder is fraught with risks let alone going on a roof.

You must have plenty of experience of using power tools, and hand tools, if you don’t have the necessary tools your relatives or neighbours might be able to help you out.

Eyelashes Extension are two ways to attach a TV aerial to a house.

Attach it to the chimney, using a lashing cable, a steel cable wrapped around the chimney and tensioned, this holds the aerial bracket in place and keeps the chimneys structure intact.

Some aerial contractors will actually fix a bracket to the chimney by using coach bolts, but this is a big bodge up, and a big no no, the bracket will simply pull the bricks out of the chimney and end up on the floor.

Drilling and bolting a bracket to a wall is fine, not a chimney which is asking for trouble.

Now fitting a lashing cable to a chimney is one of life’s little hardships.

A mass of steel cable coiled into a springy Eyelashes Extension, that has to be unwound and straightened out, this really does test the patience and needs to be done on the ground, it is vital to get the cable as straight as possible before you venture on to the roof.

The aim is to wrap the cable around the chimney, then twist it into eyes of the lashing cradle bolts, with enough twists to avoid it pulling loose when you tighten everything up.

If you don’t get this right you are in for a lot of grief.

Always practice this several times, on say a gate post, before you venture onto the roof.

You cannot get on all roofs using a cat/roof ladder, some have no room for one so you have to walk the ridge, on to the main roof.

Make no mistake the chimney is the ideal place to mount the TV aerial due to its height, but not every British House sports a chimney, with today’s trend of having a central heating boiler venting out through a wall.

If you live in a hilly remote region then even the chimney doesn’t give you the height you need. This is where you may have to employ tall masts and guy ropes, along with repeater amplifiers.

All this boils down to getting the Aerial higher than the surrounding hills, or sufficient to glean that little bit of signal wafting over the Eyelashes Extension.

I never said fitting your own TV aerial was easy or safe, good luck!

I own and run Atlas Aerial systems here in Rotherham England.

Eyelashes Extension
Eyelashes Extension

Giving help and advice to the British public, allowing greater pleasure in TV viewing.


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