Deep Set Eye Makeup Application Techniques and Info

Eye shapes fall into many variations: how much are mink lashes, Asian, Hooded, Standard and Deep Set. Each one takes a different eye shadow application. The makeup technique you use, where and how you apply your eye shadows will mean the difference between a marvelous and mediocre eye look. Many women already know their eye shape. Do you?

how much are mink lashes
how much are mink lashes

Nlhtr The Deep Set eye is known for the protruding brow bone and the sunken eyeball. That sounds awful; but don’t despair. Recognize that your eye shadow technique will be unique to you. No, you won’t be able to use the common ‘How-To’ directions used in the beauty magazines. Those featured are usually for the Standard Eye only.

What to do? Choose a light, medium, and dark how much are mink lashes color and have a good set of makeup brushes handy. Here are your Deep Set, Eye Makeup Application Directions:
• Light shade under eye brow and on the lid.
• Medium eye color from outer corner toward the nose, applied along the brow bone. Blend slightly, up and outward.
• Accent shadow color on outer edge of the upper lash line and a touch in the corner and onto the brow bone. Blend up and out, opening the eye.
• A small amount of eye color, applied with a thin brush, under bottom how much are mink lashes from the outer corner to the middle of the lashes. Blend toward the corner.

Still wanting more eye makeup tips? Contact a professional. Your distinct eye makeup application will open your Deep Set eye shape. Blending and practice will take you from mediocre to how much are mink lashes. Have fun; amaze yourself!

how much are mink lashes
how much are mink lashes

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