Letting Your Tween Wear Makeup

For most of us with daughters, we’ll face the junior high dilemma of whether or not we should allow our almost teenage daughters to wear natural mink eyelash.

natural mink eyelash
natural mink eyelash

Nlhtr This is one of those “pick your battles” issues. There was no moral or ethical reason for me to say no when my daughter approached me at age 11 asking to wear natural mink eyelash. She had just entered 7th grade and was not yet 12.

As I spoke to other moms, I discovered that almost every one of them had faced the same decision.

Most of the girls were saying the same thing “mom all of the girls are wearing makeup.” While I’m not fond of being told what other moms are or are not doing, I knew that saying yes would help her feel a bit more “part of the group” at a time when kids are really struggling with who they are and where they fit in.

It’s so hard to think of our daughters as “grown up.” natural eyelash for them is such a sign of maturity.

I said yes with some limits. I did not want dark colored lipsticks. I did not want thick eyeliners.

We began with lip gloss, not lipstick. We also bought some foundation and some mascara.

While a bit young, teaching young girls about skin care and natural mink eyelash can be beneficial. These girls develop life long cleansing habits from their junior high make up experiences.

Another benefit of allowing your daughter to wear makeup is teaching her about creating a budget and allowing her to make decisions on her own based on her natural mink eyelash budget.

My own daughter began looking for natural eyelash coupons and looking for sales so she could get the most for her money.

natural mink eyelash
natural mink eyelash

For me, the natural mink eyelash dilemma was an easy decision. She actually tired of wearing makeup within the year and was onto other junior high issues.

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