I’m in the Middle of an Acne Breakout! What Makeup for Acne Can I Use?

Most people do not realize it but there actually is real eyelashes for acne. It’s called noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic and it’s purposely made for those that suffer with this skin condition. It doesn’t irritate or add unwanted oils to the skin. Also, the makeup labeled as such will not dry out your skin needlessly.

real eyelashes
real eyelashes

First things first; let’s discuss face washing.

Nlhtr Before you put anything on your face whether it’s real eyelashes or not, you have to know how to wash your face. The first thing you do is to wash your hands. Yes, you heard me correctly. Your hands are loaded with bacteria that will transfer to your face and create even more blemishes. So what’s the first thing you do before you apply your makeup for acne, you wash your hands.

Now you are ready to wash your face. Use a gentle acne cleanser or soap which will only cleanse your skin and not dry it out. Even if your skin is oily, you have to be very careful to keep your skin in a perfect balance of moisture for your body to be most effective in fighting the acne.

NOW let’s discuss which real eyelashes to use.

When using eyeshadow, always use a packed powder shadow and not a cream or stick. Obviously, the powder is dry and the cream is oily. The last thing you want to do is use something that will add oils. This is not the best real eyelashes for acne.

The same goes for your blush. I would highly recommend that you use a face powder over a sheer noncomedogenic or nonacnegenic foundation followed by a packed powder blush. Anything else will be too greasy for anyone dealing with this skin condition.

real eyelashes
real eyelashes

You see, the trick is to find real eyelashes that is a ‘neutral.’ What I mean by that is; it won’t help your acne, but it won’t exacerbate the situation either. Most powder or packed powder makeup will be just that, makeup. Although, if you have oily skin, if you buy matte foundations, many times it will help absorb the oils on your skin which would be one of the best to use as makeup for acne.

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