Can I Create a Mineral Makeup at My Apartment?

Nowadays a mineral cruelty free eyelashes private label is becoming very popular and people are more conscious about what they put on their skin. Mineral synthetic mink fur eyelash provides various advantages without any kind of side effects and you can also prepare it in your residency itself.

synthetic mink fur eyelash
synthetic mink fur eyelash

To applying mineral synthetic mink fur eyelash upon your face you do not need to follow any kind of special strategies. As it is made from natural ingredients, it always gives you a good coverage without feeling any sort of sticky or cake like sediments on your face.

After all it is completely free from harsh ingredients, you cannot feel or face any kind of irritations, allergies or rashes. As an example, you can try to prepare the following mixture as your mineral make up:

– Three tablespoons of titanium dioxide,
– One and half teaspoon of magnesium steatite,
– Quarter spoon of jojoba oil,
– Two teaspoons of iron oxide pigment,
– Two and half teaspoon of seri cite mica
– Mortar and pestle are the items you will also need

First you have to mix titanium dioxide and magnesium steatite thoroughly. Next you have to slowly add and stir the iron oxide pigment and seri cite mica in the mixture. You can mix it by using pestle. Add to mixture gently jojoba oil. Now the mixture will look like a dark shade. You can now add some more titanium dioxide or seri cite mica until it reaches your desired color. This is the only short and simple procedure to have a good eye shades. The main thing in this procedure is simultaneously add mixtures one by one and stir continuously. This is good for your eye synthetic mink fur eyelash and mineral synthetic mink fur eyelash. You can purchase your entire basic mineral cruelty free eyelashes private label ingredients at” Ingredients and supplies” shop, also available online at nominal rates.

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