Top 5 Best Makeup Blenders Under $25

No. 1 wholesale own false eyelashes logo

You’ve likely seen the iconic original pink egg-shaped sponge, well, everywhere by now. It’s a favorite among wholesale own false eyelashes logo artists. The way the Beauty Blender, the world famous USA company, achieves its flawless finish is thanks to the super-soft sponge. It creates a stippling effect when you apply makeup that leaves an incredible airbrushed look. Really, you’d swear you came straight from a professional makeup artist, and paid about the same price.

wholesale own false eyelashes logo
wholesale own false eyelashes logo

Nlhtr USD$20 – Sephora

No. 2 Make Up For Ever Ellipse Sponge

The bamboo sliced shaped sponge made by the wholesale own false eyelashes logo Forever Team sits well on the contours of the face. You can blend your concealer, foundation and totally get to the sides of the nose. With one end you can do your foundation and other end you can use it for concealer or cream blush. Although, the sides has no role to play in the sponge, since only the ends can be used. Nonetheless, still awesome & a good deal for the price paid.

USD$12 – Amazon

No. 3 Mad for Makeup© Better Beauty Blender ~ Shape & Contour

This mighty micro egged shaped sponge helps you shape & contour effortlessly, while providing the balanced softness to rub you the right way. Created by Seattle Inspired wholesale own false eyelashes logo house; Mad For Makeup, who support women independence via affordable makeup accessories & donations; the miracle mini sponge helps you shape your complexion & contour your cheekbones. Slightly firm to the touch, these sponges are also great for under the eyes and all the hard to reach fine spots. A shape & contouring sponge that packs a mighty punch for a real great price. For public sale early September, 2016.

USD$ 5 – wholesale own false eyelashes logo

No. 4 Sephora – The Perfectionist: Airbrush Sponge

The durable sponge features dual tips for precise concealing, blending in hard to reach areas, and removing makeup mistakes. The fine tip offers extra precision for getting into small corners, while the wide tip expertly smooths foundation over forehead, cheeks, and chin. Alhtough the pores on this sponge are slightly big & have received some notes on the smoothness of the application. Nonetheless, a sponge with its ability and price provides good value.

USD$10 – Sephora

No. 5 Beautyr© ponge

wholesale own false eyelashes logo
wholesale own false eyelashes logo

The egg-shaped sponge that changed the way we apply foundation also does a brilliant job absorbing oil. The pointed tip easily reaches the small spaces between the brows and around the eyes and nose, which blotting papers often miss. Plus the soft texture absorbs oil without affecting the wholesale own false eyelashes logo you’ve already applied. The Blotterazzi oil absorption, others have noted, has its limit, if oil absorption is your priority, use blotting paper instead.


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